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01 Oct 2009  

W7-Enterprise + WS-2008 (Converted to Workstation)

hi !

"No, it isn't quite obvious, because having two resident scanners will create all kinds of issues."

i know itīs a bad idea to run ESET, Kaspersky, Norton etc. together with MSE.

but since it was posted on some forums, (might have been here),
that the combination of MSE & Avira would work fine together, i decided to run both, just because MSE was a beta.

i even installed MSE with Avira running, just because i wanted to see if MSE would complain about running another A/V-software, and it didnīt.

"When you run two resident scanners, they will often conflict with each other, causing this behaviour. Isn't that obvious? (to steal your comments)"

no, it depends on what combination you use...

no, at first i also thought it might have something to do with Avira, so i turned off Avira, and still MSE wouldnīt turn on, in fact i even turned off ALL Antivirus & Antimalware programs just to be sure.

and the problem with MSE turning itself off has been reported by other people too...

"No need to give swarfega the attitude..."

attitude ???

"...considering he was correct."

was he ?

swarfega: "Why do you have 3 av programs installed? Theres no need for more than 1 and it needlessly uses up resources."

I donīt trust A/V-betaīs so i ran MSE & AVIRA.

on several sites / pages / forums it has been recommended to run an A/V-program together with an Antimalware-program fx. A2 / MBAM...

MSE & AVIRA & A2=3 programs...

I like to decide myself what i need on my PC !

btw. did i ask what planet YOU were from ?
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