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01 Oct 2009  

W7-Enterprise + WS-2008 (Converted to Workstation)

hi !

no he was NOT correct !

" Not all AV software packages will complain if they detect another version because some don't look for another version."

yes, i know !

read my post again...

MSE & AVIRA was reported to run fine together...

"correct and logical"

please read my post again !

i have already explained why i ran MSE & AVIRA together with A2...

he can NOT tell me what i need on *MY* PC !

i didnīt ASK what i needed, i answered his question "why 3 ?..."

"Test how you wish on your own system..."

thank you, thatīs EXACTLY what i like to do !

"but don't ask someone else what planet they are from..."

why are YOU so upset, donīt you have any humor, or perhaps you didnīt see the *SMILEY* ?

may i suggest that you let swarfega himself decide if HE is offended by my answer ?
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