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02 Oct 2009  

Using Windows Home Server’s Remote Access to connect an

Based on customer feedback, we found that it was a goal to be able to access important information no matter where you are. This includes local networks, or in places as far away as Antarctica.

With Windows Home Server, you have the ability to share all of your digital content (pictures, videos, etc) with everyone, no matter the distance. When you are out of the home or office and on the road, Windows Home Server has Remote Access capabilities that make it possible for you to view, find files, and even use applications. By using an automatically assigned web address, you can log into your home network or home computers easily and securely. From this site, you will have the ability to upload all of your digital content (pictures, videos, etc), and have access to all of your Shared Folders on your Home Server back home.

*Screen shot of uploading pictures while using Remote Access

We receive a lot of customer feedback and stories about their experiences with Windows Home Server. One that stood out with regard to Remote Access was a user that was stationed in Antarctica. This man's story talks about how his Windows Home Server’s Remote Access capabilities allowed him to stay in contact with his Wife and Children back home while he was deployed to Antarctica.

Brain Irvin used this feature while deployed in Antarctica. In order to make the separation easier on his kids and wife, he started making short video clips of his time out on the ice. The only way he could share them was making them into compressed files so that they were small enough to send through email. Once his videos became larger, he realized that his wife back home could buy Windows Home Server and use Remote Access so he could upload and share his videos much easier. Irvin started uploading to the “Videos” folder on the Home Server and from there, his wife back home was able to watch them and share with their children. Irvin says that “They had a children’s book about penguins in the store, so I bought it and recorded me reading it.  I just uploaded it.  Tomorrow night I will get to read my kids a bedtime story despite being on the other side of the planet.” He states that this was the best thing he has used his Home Server for.

Some other great responses that I have seen about Windows Home Server’s Remote Access capabilities include:

  • “I use Windows Home Server as a "hub" for pictures to/from my in-laws in China and my daughter serving in the Navy in Japan. It has worked flawlessly since day 1. They all like sharing pictures pretty much in real time”
  • “I travel a lot and this week while I was on the road, one of my eBay auctions ended.  I was able to log into my home desktop machine, confirm payment through office email, print a USPS shipping label to my office printer and have my wife ship the box.  Showed a couple of my colleagues and they were mighty impressed.”
  • “I also have used the add-in ‘Whiist’ to set up a shared photo album for all of the relatives to view.  Everyone loves the ability to view or upload their own photos, especially since we are spread all over the US.”
To see Remote Access in action, you can watch to following screen cast on this topic:

*Remote Access screen cast (for best viewing, watch in HD)

To learn more about Windows Home Server and Remote Access, you can visit Windows Home Server’s web page at:

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