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02 Oct 2009  

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W7 and old PCMCIA cards - do they work

Hi all
I've read in some threads about people installing W7 on older laptops.

I'm just wondering if W7 still supports PCMCIA cards - modern laptops don't have these anymore but these were standard in older laptops (often had 2 of these).

I've got an old Sony GRT VAIO laptop (?) - huge and weighs a ton with a 2Ghz full Pentium P4 processor with still one of the best screens I've ever seen on a laptop --- absolute energy hog for a laptop but in its day IT FLEW. This machine was destined for a one way trip to "the tip" but
I'd like to try W7 x-86 on it and give it a "reprieve". It's got 1GB of RAM in it and a 100GB hard disk.

Not sure if I'll get PCMCIA support. Anybody know if W7 has this support in it. I use one of these cards in the laptop to provide USB 2.0 support -- the built in USB is only 1.1.

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