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03 Oct 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1

well... this happens as well even when i do a clean install of windows 7 ! I mean, i tried to just install windows 7. I haven't even connected to the internet yet, to see if this was the problem. And EVEN like this, it still does the freezes...

So you see, i have tried this a few days ago and i already installed all the programs i use, you still think it's necessary to post the msconfig list of stuff that's running even tough when i did a clean install it already had the problem ?

About the drivers, well, even after all the driver updates i installed, the latest ones from everything i had, it hasn't done a single effect in the problem. ( i mean i did this now, not at the time i tested the freezes in the clean install)

About the event viewer, believe me, i have searched it many times and haven't found anything special happening at each hour the freeze happens, i even use a Process monitor and i did a very extensive analysis in ALL running processes even when i did the clean install, and still at the time of the freezes i find absolutly nothing unusual, no hard drive activity peak, no cpu usage peak...

I also had tried to deactivate ALL the system tasks in the task scheduler and still nothing changed!

Sorry if my english isn't perfect, but my native language isn't english, i am from portugal

note : the 1 hour freezes NEVER happened in windows xp, only the midnight freezes happened in windows xp, but it's only after a few days of use, strangely.
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