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03 Oct 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1

The software program itself already sets it's priority to HIGH when capturing. Indeed this was enought in windows xp but in windows vista and windows 7 i noticed a lot more dropped frames when using the pc, so lately i always set it's priority to REALTIME and it worked quite well the problem it's still not enought for those periodic freezes, since i still lose 1-2 frames each hour, i noticed that this is EXACTLY when the "system uptime" in the task manager reaches 01:00:00, then 02:00:00, then 03:00:00, etc.

Also it's not a problem of the HDD, i tried making a RAMDRIVE and i did a tv capture in there and it captures very well without dropped frames most of the time, but it STILL drops those frames when the freezes happen, so this is clearly not a HDD issue, and it's also not a issue of programs i have currently installed since in a clean install this always happens too.

Now for the system specs you see in my profile, it's absolutly not normal to have such freezes, specially when in windows xp i never had them, expect the one at midnight which is a bit stronger than the 1 hour periodic ones.
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