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04 Oct 2009  

Windows 8 64bit Professional


I kind of skimmed through what you said, I have 64bit Windows 7 Professional installed, and theres the screenshot to prove it.

Here are my specs for my system.

CPU: Intel Quad Core Q9400 2.66Ghz
RAM: 4GB Ram, G.Skill DDR3
HDD: Dual 320GB WD Raptor 10kRPM
GFX: NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+
MOBO: ASUS Extreme Rampage

I fixed my problem with it, by burning the dvd at a slower burn rate. I believe I burned it at 5,500kbps. I'll edit my post when I read your entire post. I have to eat dinner now, but I'll post back.


I read your entire post, and I might have a few ideas.

Have you successfully installed 64bit XP Professional? If Yes, have you installed 64bit Vista install without a hitch?

If you have those 2 successfully installed, run Vista/XP either, do a compatibility test for Windows 7. My system wasn't compatible because my IDE Hard drive wasn't fast enough for Windows 7.

When you're installing Windows 7, is it a fresh install or an upgrade? I've found that I had the most trouble with RAIDs with Windows 7. Mine always errored when I was at school.

My buddy at Microsoft said that RAID on Windows 7 was touchy, as with being burned its picky.

Also, try installing Windows XP professional 64bit, then upgrading to Windows 7. Also what exact version is this? Is it the Windows 7 Professional RTM or is it still the RC1 discs? I have the final release version, if you'd like I'll toss my ISO over to you.

Now that I think of something, have you tried installing it without the RAID?

Last question, have you installed the 32bit Windows 7? I'm not a very good tech person, my experience is more of the programming and modding Windows rather than installing and updating.

But you picked the right place to find information out.

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