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05 Oct 2009  

Win 7 64-bit Enterprise Trial

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I've come across 3 or more posts now where people said they fixed this problem by doing a motherboard BIOS update. Well... since you've already got the latest BIOS maybe you can try an older one?

Interesting that Linux and Windows XP works fine though. I guess that says something about the stability of those operating systems.
Older BIOS. Hmmm, that's a thought.

There's a couple of older BIOS versions at the Gigabyte Web site. Maybe I'll grab them and give that a try? While one never knows exactly what they might have done with each version, at the site they seem to describe that each version simply expanded the processor ID recognition except for the oldest available version, which is described as fixing some issue with a version before it that isn't available at the site at all. That doesn't mean they didn't slip in a few other changes along the way, of course.

My board originally had an older version, but I updated to the latest version (dated back in August) when I still had Linux installed.

Thanks for the idea. I'll post the results.
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