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05 Oct 2009  

Win 7 64-bit Enterprise Trial

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I kind of skimmed through what you said, I have 64bit Windows 7 Professional installed, and theres the screenshot to prove it.

Here are my specs for my system.

CPU: Intel Quad Core Q9400 2.66Ghz
RAM: 4GB Ram, G.Skill DDR3
HDD: Dual 320GB WD Raptor 10kRPM
GFX: NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+
MOBO: ASUS Extreme Rampage

I fixed my problem with it, by burning the dvd at a slower burn rate. I believe I burned it at 5,500kbps. I'll edit my post when I read your entire post. I have to eat dinner now, but I'll post back.


I read your entire post, and I might have a few ideas.

Have you successfully installed 64bit XP Professional? If Yes, have you installed 64bit Vista install without a hitch?

If you have those 2 successfully installed, run Vista/XP either, do a compatibility test for Windows 7. My system wasn't compatible because my IDE Hard drive wasn't fast enough for Windows 7.

When you're installing Windows 7, is it a fresh install or an upgrade? I've found that I had the most trouble with RAIDs with Windows 7. Mine always errored when I was at school.

My buddy at Microsoft said that RAID on Windows 7 was touchy, as with being burned its picky.

Also, try installing Windows XP professional 64bit, then upgrading to Windows 7. Also what exact version is this? Is it the Windows 7 Professional RTM or is it still the RC1 discs? I have the final release version, if you'd like I'll toss my ISO over to you.

Now that I think of something, have you tried installing it without the RAID?

Last question, have you installed the 32bit Windows 7? I'm not a very good tech person, my experience is more of the programming and modding Windows rather than installing and updating.

But you picked the right place to find information out.
I haven't installed anything on it except what I originally described, 64-bit Ubuntu and 32-bit XP. After playing around with Ubuntu, I wiped it out and installed 32-bit XP to use until 7 becomes available. I don't have 64-bit XP or any version of Vista. Since 32-bit XP is on the system now, I've downloaded the Seven Compatibility Tester. I'll install that and see what it reports.

The version of Seven I'm installing is the 90-day trial Enterprise Edition, essentially Ultimate RTM with a built-in time bomb. My understanding is that there won't be any way to give it a key, etc. and keep it working. When 7 is released and the 90-day trial ends, all you can do is blow it away and reinstall fresh. That's fine with me. I just installed it to see if I could expect issues with the "real thing" and don't plan to invest a lot of time getting this install, "just right." It's already done what I wanted: warned me I'm going to have problems getting 7 working correctly. When I really move to 7, I'll dump the dual-boot with XP and just do a clean install of 7 Pro.

I doubt the burn could be the issue. Nero burned it, then read back the data from the disk and compared it to the ISO to confirm that what's on the disk matches the ISO.

To try an install without the RAID, I'd have to break the mirrored array. That would cost me the entire contents of the RAID array including the XP partitions. I work from home and I use this system (with XP) every day for work. I can't bust it (especially during the week).
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