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06 Oct 2009  

Win 7 64-bit Enterprise Trial

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The fact that you had to underclock the memory to run memtest tells you there is something wonky between the board and memory, even if it is a known issue. You could quickly download a x64 version of Ubuntu and give that a shot as well.

Check your BIOS for a memory mapping feature, or some other option that needs to be enabled for all 4 GB to be recognized. If that's not the solution, or not an option, I'd be thinking of replacing the board or memory, if I was my system.
I only had to underclock it to get 8 GB working without errors. It would run at "full speed" with two modules installed (4GB). The "known issue" is that Gigabyte warns that "because of limitations in the chip set" no more than two modules will run at DDR2-1066. People who contacted tech support were told to drop the speed to 800 if they wanted to run four modules. Thus, I expected that plugging in the 2nd pair would mandate a slowdown. The Web was replete with people crying about being unable to get 4 modules to run at 1066 in their boards, with a handful of lucky ones describing how they had it working and probably somewhat less actually having it working. Some people kept hammering at trying to get their boards to run at 1066, chasing a trivial real-world performance improvement. I just cranked the speed down a notch and enjoyed the stability (with 64-bit Linux and 32-bit XP). It ran MemTest86+ for hours and numerous iterations without any errors. Actually, it could run Memtest86+ at 1066 speeds with all four modules without errors for most of the tests. A couple of the most rigorous caused it to produce some errors.

There are no BIOS settings related to memory mapping. But note that 64-bit Ubuntu Jaunty installed, saw all 8 GB and ran without a problem for several weeks in daily use with the current memory settings. 32-bit XP installs and runs with 4 GB installed; it just, of course, can't use it all because of the 4GB limit. It reports having about 3.2 GB available.
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