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06 Oct 2009  

Win 7 64-bit Enterprise Trial

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I would have to agree with this . If your having trouble installing with more than 2 gb and you have to underclock your memory the issue is a memory problem. but I would also like to say even though you got a positive read back on nero burn test, it has been well documanted on this site that the slowest burn speed 4x has provided the best iso image for installing windows 7. Does it matter which 2 gb stick you use? Have you memtested all the modules 1 stick at a time? If the memory won't run at even the 800 speed I would question the compatibility of it with your board. Does Gigabyte have a memory compabilty chart for your board?
A lot of the memory related answers are above in my response to DeaconFrost.

I'll do another burn at a slow speed just to rule that out. Although, I really can't see how, if the current burn was verified to produce an exact bit-for-bit copy of the contents of the ISO, a slow burn will produce an improvement. The same drive is reading the same disk when the installer is running as when it was verified.

The memory, 2 GB, 4GB or all 8GB, runs fine with MemTest at DDR2-800 speeds. It runs fine at 1066 if I limit it to two modules as Gigabyte specifies. All I was saying originally was that, even as I dropped the number of modules back to 2 or 1, I just left the memory timing set to 800, which should certainly be stable since with that number of modules I could bump it back up to 1066 if I wanted.

Gigabyte does have a memory compatibility list for the board. Mine is on it.
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