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08 Oct 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Copying oddity

I have a personal habit, whenever I am about to re-format my OS drive, I copy every single directory and file off of it, to an external HDD. So that after I have installed the new OS, I can dig back through the old one for any configuration files, etc, that I need to manually recover and stick back where they need to be.

So, I have been using 7 RC for a while. And I just got my party pack (woo!) with retail in it. I want to format my drive, obviously.

So, I revealed hidden folders and everything (as I always do when I do this), selected all on C drive, and then tried to copy to external drive. Well, for some reason it keeps only copying a small portion of the root folders (either first 10 or last 10 when there are about 50 total) and then just stopping as if it is finished. All in all only transfering about 5GB data when there is 50GB I need. It just doesn't even attempt to copy most of the folders and items I am dragging. WTF? Try it out and see for yourself...
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