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31 Jan 2009  

[SOLVED] Help, transparencey gone :/

Need help !
I don't know why.. but for no reason, my windows transparency is totaly gone.

My taskbar and windows, everything, not transparant anymore

i realy want it back ..

Here is an example of what i mean .

what i have tried;

- changing the theme to standard and to others.*
- rebooting ^^
- downloading a costum theme (still thesame..)

*The window where you can choose your theme gives a transparant icon, so transparency should be on, no?, still doesnt work..

And i should get something like this :

But i dont .......
I get this :

Did some more research and i found out that the aero transparency is automaticly turned off when your pc-score is lower then 3, mine is 2.9, because of my hdd..
does this means my hdd is bad?
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