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12 Oct 2009  

Windows 8 Professional

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"streaming" from the NAS is really just making the NAS drive available for the Xbox360 to see through my windows 7 pc via a mapped drive.

the connection in after 5 - 20 min of "streaming" or uTorrenting the connection to my pc is no longer available. Other networked pc's are fine.

All PC's including NAS and Xbox360 are WIRED.
What does "no longer available" mean exactly? Is your Win7 box then unable to access internet servers? Does it lose its IP lease? Is the network interface itself listed as "disabled"? The output of IPCONFIG /ALL in the "bad" state may be useful.

Does the same thing happen if you boot the Win7 box to [safe mode + net] and test from there?
It is unable to access the internet when this happens. I am not sure if it loses its IP or if the network interface is listed as disabled. The win7 machine has a static IP so I never thought of checking those things.

Next time it happens ill be sure to check........I havent been torrenting or streaming video so the connection has stayed up fine for the past 10hrs.
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