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14 Oct 2009  

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Generally the uninstall option in Programs&Features tends to clean most Creative drivers off followed by a reboot to insure nothing is still being loaded. Once that's taken care of as well as a good sweep the newer ones shouldn't run into any major headaches.

The problem most have is simply trying to rush ahead with something newer before taking the time needed to see this done. chev65 knows what I was mentioning before from running into problems with the C.Labs drivers.

For awhile Creative made a mess on their support right after Vista's release where if you went for an XP update you ended up with the Vista version instead!

Even when going through the MS update site you would see the exact same problem until finally they reorganized their support pages! Took long enough!
Yes I agree, there are many problems in general with Creative drivers.

Another reason is that it's very easy to "break" their drivers which can be done with a single errant button push.

I won't get into the Daniel K debockle where they removed all his posts from their forums and made it very difficult to find his drivers after that. For the longest time Creative refused to make Vista drivers for the older Audigy cards until Daniel K stepped in and did it for them. Lets just say I've been there done that as far as Creative goes.

Once the file corruption occurs "driver broken" simply reinstalling the driver won't fix the problem. It ends up turning into a very long process of finding the driver pieces "sometimes driver sweeper doesn't get them all out" and then the usual long installation process that Creative is famous for.

After that you can break them again in five seconds which will require you to go through the entire process all over again. is right.
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