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21 Oct 2009  

Windows 7 Professional
WMP 12 Retardedness or is it me?

Greetings all, great forum here! Hopefully someone can set me straight or at least nod their heads in agreement as I am struggling a bit with some of the bizarre design decisions that M$ have made that I cannot really grasp.

Firstly, the mini player from WMP 11, WTF remove it??! It wouldn't be so bad if some kind of tool tip would pop up when I skip track with my keyboard media controls so I can see instantly if I want to listen or skip again. I can't find a gadget that shows now playing for WMP 12 and Windows 7 yet.

The next think is more fundemental. It seems like you have no control over how folders are shared-for example I have an Xbox 360 that I want to use to share videos for myself and my house mate. The only way to see your videos is to allow 'access to everything' under the advanced streaming options, but I don't want to share my pictures with my house mate's Xbox, but I can't find any where to control specific folders, it's all or nothing. Why WHY WHY WHY MICROSOFT!!!! ARRRRGHHHH

Can it be done?

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