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21 Oct 2009  

Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows server 2008

1 problem i think i can see here is a 430W power supply for a start your trying to run a particularly power hungry processor a power hungry graphics card 4 hard drives a motherboard ram not to mention case fans if it comes with case fans plus the cpu fan and what ever other peripheral cards as well say an extra network card or a better soundcard or a tv card ( im just assuming your running an extra PCI or PCI-e card or 2 as well ) i would deffinetly sus out the minimum watts required to run everything you have as to be honest for a core i5 and new graphics cards and so forth i wouldnt put anything less than an 800w but yeah just a suggestion i dont know **** about memory dumps but the most noticable thing i saw in the system specs was a possible lack of power which can deffinetly be a cause of blue screens and things running slow but yeah hopefully thats a start good luck and if its not a power issue then yeah there should be some one here who will know good luck man hope ya get it sorted
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