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21 Oct 2009  

Windows 7 Professional

Thanks for replying. Apologies, I did not make myself very clear reading it back.

I mean that in WMP 11 (as available in Vista and XP) there is the mini player that docks itself in the task bar when WMP is minimised. This feature is not available in WMP 12 in Windows 7. I know you can mouse over the taskbar icon and get playing controls etc but it was SOOO useful having the docked player controls right there in WMP 11-WMP 12.

Ok, I didn't know about the 'Now Playing' view so thank you for the heads up on that.

Still can't work out how to remove my Pictures from being shared to the Xbox-I know how to manage the contents of the Pictures Library-I want my pictures in the library, I just don't want to have to set the Xbox to 'Access all media' I want to be able to choose which librarys it can see and which it can't-dosen't seem you can do this.
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