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23 Oct 2009  


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By the way, the stop error I mentioned in my first post, could that be a way of detecting what the issue is more specifically?
Unlikely. A stop error ("bugcheck") is _always_ deliberately triggered by a driver or an OS component in response to an error condition that is considered irrecoverable. Something has to call the "bluescreen" function - KeBugCheckEx - in order to initiate that mechanism. That is fundamentally different to a situation where a machine reboots without a bugcheck.

Just to make things more complex, it is possible for certain types of problems to result in a bugcheck which "cannot display itself", for lack of a better description, the way that (for example) an error log concerning a dying disk cannot be written because the disk is dying. Ruling out that obscure possibility is the intent of the 4th point I mentioned above. Otherwise, mysterious reboots without a bluescreen are caused by hardware problems in >90% of cases.

Having said all that, if you upload the minidump corresponding to that bugcheck you experienced, somebody is sure to take a look. No harm in trying that approach.
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