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23 Oct 2009  


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I checked my Windows folder and did not see any kind of minidump file generated.

I should also mention that when I did take this machine back to the shop, he did end up replacing every part at some point with a brand new component. Same model, but a new part. He did this for the motherboard, CPU, PSU, etc.

I'm almost leaning towards a bad HDD and I'm tempted to purchase a new one and install the OS to see if that fixes the problem. The reason why I didn't think it was the HDD to begin with was that I had it in my previous machine with Windows XP and did not encounter any issues whatsoever. I believe that drive is somewhere between 8-12 months old as well.
It looks like you're methodical. That always helps in these situations

Do you have another machine close by? I may be able to suggest some steps to prove/disprove the "hardware" hypothesis if you're OK to follow some esoteric instructions.
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