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18 Nov 2008  

Windows 7 Ult x64

Well, I've got Build 6801, but so far I've only run it under Virtual PC (which I've never really liked) and VMWare Workstation. Of course, using the virtual graphics systems doesn't allow for Aero, but at first blush, I quite like it but I'm not knocked out. That's not fair because it's pre-beta, but... Hmm. I remember pontificating on XP at release time and writing that 'it's not so much Windows 2001 as Windows 2000.1' Well, that turned out to be not quite true as XP was eventually quite a step up from 2000 (once I'd bought WindowBlinds and deep-sixed the GUI, widely and quite rightly, I thought, derided as 'Fischer-Price') Since W7 has, a little disappointingly, the version number 6.1, you don't expect a great leap forward and that's just what you get. I think it is quite fair to say it is, in a way, what Vista was supposed to be. There are several things I have seen in the press which just seem like tinkering with something that already works well, like the preview windows when you mouse over Taskbar icons being replaced with a strip of previews most of which won't interest you... Anyway, I just took delivery of a new 750GB drive that I won't be using in anger for a couple of weeks, so I'll install it natively and see how that goes...
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