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28 Oct 2009  

Please Recommend a set up for my home/office system...

I was hoping someone could recommend what would be best for me to do here I'll explain what I have currently and then what i'd like to achieve and hopefully someone can offer some advice?

2 systems:

System 1:
Desktop PC - Windows 7 x64

System 2:
Laptop PC - Windows 7 x32

What i'd like to achieve.

I have DSL and my Laptop currently is plugged in to the router. However I also go wireless.. occasionally.

I want my laptop to be able to access my desktop and hopefully also have my desktop access my laptop.

I used the homegroup at first but since I put the ethernet cable into the laptop I no longer have the homegroup places... they do still show up under network though.

I've tried streaming music through the wireless and its real slow...

Should I have my laptop plugged into the router at all times for decent speeds? When I do should I disconnect it from the wireless router?

What configuration would be best for my needs?

Another thing i'm thinking about doing is running Office on both computers and whether or not there is a way to sync them... I'd like to have my contacts and emails synced...

My System SpecsSystem Spec