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29 Oct 2009  

Windows 7 64bit

If I can't Disable the Minimize/Transparent of The windows....Is it possible to Add the Menu list of Minimize-Maximize-Move-Size-Close etc. at the "Classical Position" like Vista/XP has to, When I right Click on the Takskbar Window and NOT on the Thumbnail Window. Realy this is very-very annoying...every time I want to Maximize or Risize or Minimize thw Windows from the Taskbar I must First Go Over The Taskbar to Show the Thumbnail and When the Thumbnail is shows I mast Right Click over it and Then click Over ex. Minimize!! This is Very Very annoying!! Especially When you are using a multimonitor System With the other Monitor are NOT near the user!

I think that Microsoft believes that "Pin Program to taskbar" is more usefull than Minimize-Maximize-move-size!!!!

And NO I Don't want to use Shift+Right Click all the Time to Have the Old menu!! I Want The Opposite! I want Shift+Right to Show me The "Pin Program to Taskbar" and Just right Click to Show me the Normal menu!! Does anyone knows how to do that??
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