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29 Oct 2009  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Power management not working?

I have Windows 7 Home Premium x64 (Retail) installed on my desktop at home. So far I love it. I ran the RC prior to this and found it much, much better than I had expected.

Anyway, for some reason my computer is not suspending itself any more. It worked fine for the first week, turning "off" after about 30 minutes. Great feature, especially since I have a NAS for file and printer sharing now; I don't need to have my desktop on all the time anymore. This started happening yesterday. The only thing out of the ordinary that I have done is cancel an automatic AVG scan yesterday so I could play some games after work.

Could canceling this scan have triggered something? I went into the Power Management screen multiple times and reset the suspend time (it never changed from 30 minuites until I changed it to 25 and back to 30). I restarted the computer this morning, so I'm not sure if it's still happening; but has anyone heard of something like this?
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