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30 Oct 2009  

Windows 7
Permissions is driving me crazy!

Just installed Win 7 and generally LOVE it. However, the permissions selections are driving me crazy. Seems I do not have, nor can I figure out how to, permission to change, delete, move certain folders and files. I have tried to setup full permission by righ clicking the C drive and as the Admin and User I have full authority shown. However, individual folders and files within the C drive deny me permission for access. Is there some mystery I am missing here? The help section on permissions is very complicated and although I have tried to fathom the instructions, I am still having a problem gaining access to my computer. I really miss the ease of granting myself permission on XP. Seems MS is trying to prevent me from changing my own computer! I don't like that....maybe OK for the general public but not me.

Any suggestions on an "easy" way I can take possession of my permissions?
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