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30 Oct 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM

If you went from XP to Win 7, you probably missed some of the changes that were made, starting with Vista.

For instance, "Documents and Settings" is not a folder.
Vista/Win7 uses a different file structure than XP does/did. Those familiar
folder names you may be used to, like "My Documents", "Documents &
Settings", etc.
are not folders in Vista/Win7. They are junction points, and are used for legacy programs which were written to utilize the XP file structure. They will redirect the programs to use the equivalent Vista/Win7 folders.
If you keep the protected operating system files hidden, you won't see them.

In Vista/Win7......
Documents & Settings -> \Users
My Documents -> \Users\youraccount\Documents
My Music -> \Users\youraccount\Music
Application Data -> \Users\youraccount\AppData
My System SpecsSystem Spec