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30 Oct 2009  

Winows 7
Office XP (Word 2002)

I have Word 2002 and Excel 2002. Both programs are used quite extensively.

Next week I'm going to install Windows 7 (Home Premium Upgrade x64) on a new blank hard drive. From what I've been told, I will be able to install both Word 2002 and Excel 2002 and have complete funtionality. However, I've not actually talked with anyone who has done this. Can someone give me the straight scoop on this?

Also, I've been thinking about upgrading to Word 2007 but really don't want to spend the bucks right now. If I DID upgrade to Word 2007, are we certain that all of my Word and Excel documents created with the earlier software will be usable (and can be changed) with the new software? I've been told, but haven't yet checked, that Word 2007 saves documents in a new format (.docx?).

If I'm not able to do the above, my wife will kill me!
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