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31 Oct 2009  

Windows 7
ok a weird one

Hi guys,

So here's a weird related problem:

Running windows 7 on a Mac Pro 2.8 quad.

Upgraded from vista, which ran fine, onto a new partition.

Now when I first installed 7, my apple bluetooth keyboard worked fine. Didn't have to pair it, but the function keys, sound keys didn't work, and the eject button didn't work. But the keyboard worked fine generally.

But I had the regular problems associated with Windows *no sound etc, so I installed bootcamp from the snow leopard disc.

Okay so you know where this is headed.

So the keyboard stopped working. A couple of things:

1) the keyboard works when I have to choose between Windows partitions when the computer boots up. Stops working when it's time to type in my password.

2) I've followed the above advice, but nothing shows up in the services window, and under the Bluetooth tab, there's no indication the computer can see this is an Apple device. Odd.

In fact, under the Add a device window, it just comes up as a generic bluetooth keyboard.

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