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01 Nov 2009  


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Is there a way to make just login to domain and then have all other users just show up?
I don't understand that question. Can you rephrase it please?

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You said it is based on trust but in XP this was all there by default and since the login screen from XP to 7 is different, there will be no drop down.
XP used a completely different logon architecture based on a framework known as GINA - Graphical IdentificatioN and Authentication. It was a b###h of an API to try to code for (it was very difficult to develop a custom "GINA"), but the default MSGINA.DLL had the domain drop-down list which it refreshed every couple of minutes (if memory serves) by contacting a DC to pull down a list of trusted domains.

The new credUI architecture in Vista/Win2K8/Win7 is far superior to GINA, but MSGINA.DLL is gone and so is the domain drop down list.

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So what exactly do I have to do? If you7 already mentioned it, sorry, I will need more explanation; if it can't be done, I guess we will enter it each time.
No problem at all

To the best of my knowledge, and I'm relatively confident about this, it is not possible to obtain that domain drop-down list with any of the credUI Windows flavours (Vista onwards).

Hence, use UNC (domain\username) or UPN ( to pick which domain to log on to.
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