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01 Nov 2009  

MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Brink's answers are always excellent. Here are a couple of other things which I have tried and which worked. 1. Get hold of a Win7 system that works and via the Backup and Restore option of control panel, Create a Recovery CD, boot from the recovery CD, choose applicable option. 2. Boot from a Knoppix CD and copy off your important files before doing a normal Win 7 restore. Knoppix is a Linux-variant which will allow you to access your NTFS win7 partition and files. Just google Knoppix to find latest version. You will find Knoppix easy to use if you have a Linux user with you when you use Knoppix. I strongly advise (I learned the hard way.) that after you're back to a stable system, then do a full and complete backup t9 an external USB drive using the Control Panel Backup and Restore applet. This will create a VHD-format file on the external USB. Using DiskMgmt.msc you can even mount and copy off whatever you want if you only need cetain files. Good luck, Karl
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