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02 Nov 2009  

Windows 7
Getting router to work in W7

Ok I need to do this network & sharing for an old computer that can't go higher then XP. But my router has always been maintained by a friend who has (against his friend urged him not to) moved cross country.. So to me the router & networking is just magic.. But it is up to me to make it work.

I have a linkSys router.. Attached to a computer now using W7.. Hookup is in such a way that if the router is disconnected the internet is dead even to the main computer..

Old computer can no longer see anything provided by main computer (printer or harddrives).. But the router seems to be working fine to provide internet & email, and connection to another computer that has yet to go through the W7 upgrade.

With no instructions & just guessing this is how far I got with the network & sharing on W7. I got to control panel, Network & sharing center, setup a new connection, setup a new network.. then it searches for a router.

Now I get stuck.. No router pops up..

so I go for new software.. I think it wants to just update the established connection.
It tells me to plug in an IP address into my IE address bar (like I was doing an FTP).. then leave username blank and it says put in my password but the default is admin.
I tried my password.. It reads "Warning this server is requesting that your username & pswd be sent in an insecure manner. with an "OK" & Cancel.. I say "OK"... and it just returns to the username/pswd screen. If I try their pswd of admin.. It says "unauthorized.. authorization Required."..

So am I even on the right track?? Where to go from here?
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