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02 Nov 2009  

Windows 7

I read about the reset, and last night in desperation I went looking for it.. (actually the default is username: blank pswd: admin.. mine is username: blank pswd: (different)..

But I could not find the reset button.. I checked every raise & dip..

Later I thought this is a security issue.. This "Warning" may be giving me a choice of "OK" or "Cancel" but either way it is not letting me have the deciding vote to ignore the security concerns.. I did not think changing the password would make any difference.

Plus, once I change the password the internet & email would cease on the laptops.. Ever try dealing with a teenage college kid that is without internet & email?? Bad news!! (his laptop will be upgraded to W7 but not until the main computer is successfully upgraded)).. So I would need to reset the password, I am not sure how to do that, and could I if I can't get past the security issue.

I could reset his computer to pswd admin.. But leaving that pswd as a default is a security risk.

So I am hesitant.. Why do you think this would work to get past the security issue?
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