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02 Nov 2009  

Windows 7
Briefcase does not work

First issues is that I can not get the breifcases on my laptop to link up to my desktop. This happened in XP when if I tried to update the files before the computers where talking to eachother. I am 100% sure the computers are talking to eachother now, but not after one hell of a headache, thanks windows 7 for making it so easy like in your commercials

I have found that if I use a thumb drive or pocket drive or whatever you want to call it, and copy the files from the desktop into a breifcase on the thumb drive, then open the files on my laptop and modify it, then put the thumb drive back into my desktop and hit looks like verything works....BUT when I open the file on the desktop it hasn't been updated.

So, problem 1 - Breifcases do not work over the network.

Problem 2 - Breifcases acts like it works if I use a thumbdrive but infact the files to not update, windows 7 just says that they are updated.

I've also read about the Sync Center in Windows 7. I have yet to figure out how it works. From all I have read it only works with media items that plug into the computer via a USB port. So my understanding is that it is only for ipods and mp3 players.

I use Breifcases on a daily basis so this issue is critical to me. Please Help!!!!
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