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04 Nov 2009  


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My question is whether this is a common issue for all DSL subscribers. I mean, does everyone experience this sort of intermittent service with DSL?

With bad ISP's they do. With good ISP's they don't.

We don't have Verizon here in Australia, but I have yet to hear anything that resembles praise (or even satisfaction) regarding Verizon.

It could be congestion at the exchange, dodgy phone lines somewhere, Verizon doing 'maintenance' - it could be anything.

A lot of the times ISP's lay the blame on the user, when in fact it's thier fault.

When I first signed up to my current ISP I had fantastic and consistent speed, but as more and more users were connected to my local DSLAM, the performance dropped by over half.

When I enquired why my service had become degraded, they claimed it was a fault at my end. When many others had a similar issue, it was thier fault too. Despite proof to the contrary, it was never, ever the fault of the ISP
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