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04 Nov 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Windows Live Mail - Editing Sound Alerts

Well I never used an email client before because it was a big clusterfudge of stuff to set up and it never worked. Now that I have 7 I tried out Live Mail and I was happily suprised to see that it set itself up for me.

So, I ran it in Vista compatibility mode so it would show up in the tray when I minimised it (for anyone who has that problem) but I'm not getting updates on new email. When I send an email to myself it shows up in the browser Hotmail but it only shows up in my Live Mail once I restart it.

Is there something I can do to make new emails show up without restarting it and/or get notifications on those emails?
Now I want to edit the sounds you get when you get a new email, is there an easy way to do this or has anyone found where the sounds are located?
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