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04 Nov 2009  

Windows 7 Home Premium
Win 7 A Clock Interrupt... BSOD (101 Error)

I've been plagued by BSOD 101 errors (A clock interrupt was not received... blah blah) the last few days. Specs are attached in the and updated on my profile here. Also attaching the last few dump files. I've analyzed them myself but can't decipher exactly what the problem is. I have a theory it may be related to how I have my HDD's and programs organized... I'm using a 500 GB HDD with just Windows 7, Microsoft Outlook, and a few 'core' apps installed on. Almost everything else (games, Firefox, misc apps) I routed to the 1 TB HDD. I suspect this is a issue because I get alot of BSOD when using Firefox, (using IE8 to type this now), iTunes, or playing various games... all of which are installed to the 2nd HDD.

Also, I was getting alot of random shutdowns when using Vista prior to Win7 install. The shutdowns would happen whenever I was doing anything graphic intensive and the system would just shutdown. No BSOD, no warning, just turned off. After installing Win7, the system would still crash but reboot, however my mouse and keyboard would be locked out unless I powered down the entire system. After eliminating any software issue, I ended up taking everything off the mobo, reseating the mobo to the case, and methodically reseating every piece of hardware carefully as well as doing a fresh Vista-->Win7 install. That seemed to solve the 'random shutdowns' but now i'm getting BSOD all the time.

All drivers are updated, BIOS updated, chipset, etc etc.

Anyway, I hope someone will be able to spot something I've missed... I appreciate any help!
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