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12 Feb 2009  

XP/win7 x86 build 7127

chev, this isnt ABOUT the IPv6 error from occurring. Do you realize what IPv6 is, and WHY you are seeing these error? its pretty explainable... you arent on an IPv6 enabled lan, AND/or your ISP is not yet IPv6 capable... therefore what this means is that you have a new technology you cant use JUST YET... but as far as fixing the gateway problem with the said situation STATED above, this is what the problem was and this was the fix for the GATEWAY, not for the errors seen in event log... other than that depending on some apps that have had problems or quirks, you wont use the IPv6... You entered two threads about gateway errors... you are on about IPv6.... search on about IPv6... unless using the lan as IPv6, dunno why you would post about something NOT working when this particular thread was about getting something ELSE to work, not about "well this doesnt work" lol... IPv6 enabled or not is not related to the error of having the gateway problem when using a static IP from a router. Coincidentally i have IPv6 enabled on my adapter still, and do not get any connection problems anymore since the install of the nforce drivers from nvidia. Now if you ask me why THAT is, honestly i couldnt tell you, all i know is that it fixes the issue, kinda the same situation with reinstalling realtek audio drivers from site not using ones from install

ok phew, i'm done
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