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08 Nov 2009  

Windows 7 32-bit RTM
Firefox and Wordpad cause BSoDs with win32.sys

Hi guys, about two or three days ago Firefox and Wordpad started causing my computer to BSoD. Whenever starting Firefox (whether 3.5.5 stable or 3.6 beta, both clean installs) the browser would run for a few seconds and even load pages successfully but then consistently cause a "bad pool header" BSoD. Same thing with Wordpad - it runs for a few seconds and then brings the system down. See attached minidumps.

I don't recall doing anything unusual or new to my computer to cause these things to start happening, for the first few days of using Windows 7 my Firefox ran without problems (although no idea whether Wordpad was ok or not). Most other programs run ok including games, MS Office, and Chrome. Using BlueScreenView on my minidump shows that halmacpi.dll, ntkrnlpa.exe and win32k.sys may be at fault but I'm stuck there.

I'm using a Windows 7 Professional custom installed over Vista Ultimate, both 32-bit, used Laplink software to transfer all my programs and settings. Hardware is a standard Inspiron 9300 other than having 2GB + 1GB of RAM (but have replicated the errors with either RAM stick taken out so it's probably not that).

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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