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08 Nov 2009  


Very interesting. The OS is crashing while attempting to work with a particular TrueType font object (a specific font), and I suspect that's the link betweeen Wordpad and FF - they're both simply using the same font and thereby indirectly triggering the crash.

What's not obvious is whether the font definition is itself damaged, or whether the memory being used to store that font is being overrun by a bug in another driver - you've got some relatively old ones on there:

start end module name
8983d000 89aaef00 LV302V32 Sun Jul 27 01:05:07 2008 (488B3D23)
89bdb000 89bf3c80 ewusbmdm Tue Jul 31 17:47:28 2007 (46AEE910)
8e207000 8e309000 VSTDPV3 Thu Oct 16 11:32:04 2008 (48F68B84)
8e309000 8e3be000 VSTCNXT3 Thu Oct 16 11:29:13 2008 (48F68AD9)
8e614000 8e894000 NETw2v32 Wed Mar 07 13:08:44 2007 (45EE1EAC)
8e89f000 8e8e1a00 STAC97 Fri Mar 11 09:56:01 2005 (4230D081)
8e95e000 8e9a3000 VSTICH3 Wed Jun 21 03:40:16 2006 (44983300)
8e9a3000 8e9d0000 Apfiltr Fri Mar 14 23:23:10 2008 (47DA6E2E)
8ec00000 8ec11000 bcm4sbxp Tue Nov 21 23:25:43 2006 (4562F047)
8f551000 8f559900 LVUSBSta Sun Jul 27 00:59:36 2008 (488B3BD8)

You really ought to update as many of those drivers as possible, and remove/uninstall whichever ones you don't really need. Even if it doesn't by itself fix this problem, and it might, a driver update effort will prevent many future headaches.


1) Do a bit of experimentation in Wordpad to see whether you're able to trigger the crash by using a particular favorite font. Unfortunately, I can't seem to tell which font we're talking about from the crash dumps.

2) On an elevated (run as admin) CMD prompt, issue this command:


Then reboot and upload any subsequent minidumps. After that command, the OS will more closely scrutinise driver memory-handling activity, which may pick up another driver mangling the memory which backs the font. (When this is all done, remember to run VERIFIER /RESET to get back to default settings.)
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