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18 Oct 2008  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1

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Goodbye to the Registry

I can only agree. That would make installation of software easier and it would light up the system. It could be replaced with some INF files in the Windows folders.

For me, my wish list :
- In "Set the default software" panel, make all software appear.

For a n00b, it's easier to find itself when he is followed. When he wants, for example, to put foobar2000 as a default player and he finds that place, he says "Hey. Let's see if I can solve my problem here". So, in Vista, Foobar2000 just doesn't appear over there... So, it's why it would be good to have some kind of feature that would scan for the software and what they do and put 'em in the list.

- Less buggy Windows Explorer.

Do I have to explain? For god's sake, keep the f****ng preferences without us making some Registery changes. Also, non-vista based software have some problems with that too. Make sure that we are able to browse with our preferences.

- Highly speed up transfers between hard drive and CD/DVD and network

A 700MB CD takes over 30min to copy over the hard drive. Insane.

- Use the muti-core CPUs by default when we boot Windows.

For Vista, we have to go to the msconfig configuration panel to set it to use all of CPU's core. Nowadays, dual and Quad cores are getting really really popular... so I don't see why Microsoft wouldn't set it to the default.

- Force old software to use Aero

Still with Vista SP1, some software still desactivate Windows Aero (ex. Adobe Audition 1.5, Adobe Photoshop CS2). It would be good to force them to use it. It wouldn't make them unstable.

- Maximized-Windows-Aero

...Indeed. F*** patching Windows.

- Create a special directory that would act like a old OS (WinXP SP2 and older) that could react like the specified OS to make software think that they are in WinXP or older.

Some softwares, even in WinXP SP2 compatibility just refuse to install (crash) or, if they install, they crash when they are run, when install in this folder, will use the old system behavior to run, thus, highly improving compatibility.

- Modular installation and/or WAY less Microsoft-default applications.

I don't want IE and Windows Media Player installed by default... I just wanna choose what I want to install.



- Protected Windows Core

Linux-like protected core would be perfect for stopping viruses from installing. In that protection, Core registery files will be also protected. Graphical UI registery in the core need Super-Admin power to change and Super-Power cannot be gain by third-party software. This can lead to customization software to fail to install and use though. And, anti-virus softwares doesn't have a need anymore

That's it for now...
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