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15 Feb 2009  

El Capitan / Windows 10

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Something like the Apple Genius Bar, only Microsoft wouldn't call it that. I've seriously wanted to ask one of those yahoos the the Apple store for their Mensa card. What? Not a genius? Oh, gee well I am -- take a seat.

I'd like like to see someone file a lawsuit against Apple for that bit of false advertising.

I do think it would be a somewhat "different" experience to work at Microsoft's "Genius Bar". Would the Microsoft expert get the same adoration and adulation? I think not. The poor sap would probably become a perennial whipping-boy for all the crackpots, conspiracy theorists and Apple/Linux fanboys. I can see it now -- the poor sap trying to do his job while the peanut gallery hoots and heckles about "Bill Gates" this and evil-empire that and just how much better the customer's life would be if he'd convert to Apple's "One True Religion" or Linux' "Windows is Bloated Spagetti Code" cults.

What would I like to see at the Microsoft store? An expert bar, staffed with well-paid highly competent professionals, in a relaxing productive environment.

With mace and water cannons to drive off the nuts...
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