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11 Nov 2009  

Vista x64
Few Questions About 7

Hello first time poster looking for some help from some Windows 7 savy users. Please forgive if some of these have been answered in the past but a lot to read in a few days time.

Firstly I am a happy Vista x64 user and I love it but it has only one problem that I HATE about it.

You know when you set a "folder" to say "view - List" and then you go back say 2 days later (its always random when it happens) and its set back to "thumbnails" well I was told it was fixed in 7.

So my birthday was on the 7th and my buddy came across some copies of Windows 7 from his uncle so he gave me one and I have been thinking of trying it out but I have some simple questions.

1. Can I get classic Vista/XP taskbar on windows 7 which includes icons as well.

I really think it looks goofy and I really dislike it (I also mean icons look the same too)

2. Is the folder issue I spoke off truly fixed in 7?

3. Is there a way to disable the "preview" function for browser tabs and folder tabs etc.

4. I hear mixed reviews but will Rivatuner work in Windows 7 x64 without the need of being in "emulation" mode or hitting F8 each time you boot up?

Simply put I am shooting for a mirror image of my current Vista and disable all the "visuals" they added to Windows 7. I know most adore the gadgets etc but I don't like them :P

Thank you very much for assisting me.
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