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11 Nov 2009  

Vista x64

The Amish CHOOSE not to allow themselves the technology and in the end I respect that as should you. That is not being deprived but a choice of their way of life.
If the world was to lose our toys tomorrow we would starve while they feasted. To that point if the US for example kept to our morals like that we would be in a much better position then we are today.

Also if you look at the difference between 95 and XP you will notice a similar taskbar so your example is pointing that windows was being lazy and are forcing a GUI down our throats even if we don't like it. (and yes Vista AND XP have the old school 95 look too as a option)

Either case as I stated I know how to tweak the OS now to remove all the resource hogging crap from the OS and get my Vista look back so thanks again for the assistance.
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