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11 Nov 2009  

win 7
Just to be sure...

Hi Guys,

I recently broke my installation and have been trying to do the same thing. namely, restore from a system image.

Am I right in understanding the above, that windows 7 has no way shape or form of using a backup image if the OS becomes corrupted and requires reformatting?

Secondly, how would M$ suggest I store my backups if I want to protect myself from this happening again?

Also, if I were to have made the assumption that the OS is actually working and subsequently stored valuable information on it, would M$ reimburse me for the lost value? Having sold me a product that does not actually do what it is supposed to do... namely back stuff up in a way that can then be used when required. I would expect some kind of apology at the very least. Obviously, the only response would be along the lines of 'M$ takes no responsibility if you have not tried each and every feature to confirm it actually works prior to entrusting it with your data.'

Anyway, up until now I have almost been a convert... this OS was looking so good, and now...? I mean.. its not like adding a 'browse for image' button is hard.. ffs it browses the network why not the local HD?!?! Or does that only work if the OS was configured to use that exact location in the first place? I am at a loss... I have never ranted or flamed online in my life.. but I write this in the hope that someone involved sees it and gets offended by their own stupidity and oversight... Tell me who came up with the idea of restoring from a backup image on DVDs... I wan't to ask them if they have ever burned 90 gigs to dvds, then if they say yes I would like point, laugh and discuss the concept of secondary local hard drives with them.
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