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14 Nov 2009  

Windows 8.1 Pro Update 1 x64

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See if this will help"

Mike Lin's Home Page

Right click on a blank area below any items listed that you want the app to run on and select "add".

Sorry, but all that Mike Lin's software does is create a Control Panel applet that makes it easier to manage startup applications from the usual sources (Registry Run keys and Start Menu Startup folders) - nothing that can't be accomplished in other ways. It does nothing about permissions and privileges.

In fact, the applet is dated from 2003, predates Vista and the UAC concept by several years, and was made for "all [then] modern versions of Windows through Windows XP." Sorry, but it doesn't help me with my problem.

NextSensor is important to protect my "hothead" CPU, so for now I'm resigned to a UAC prompt at every logon , but I'd really like to get rid of it.

So, please keep this topic open, and I'm eager to hear any further suggestions of fixes or workarounds.

Oh, before you ask, I did try a hardware solution for my CPU overheating problem, installing a more powerful cooler: a big expensive Zalman with a copper heatsink and a huge fan, with the contact base smeared with Arctic Silver 5 in the recommended amount. It didn't improve things and the cooler soon failed (though I have to praise the efficacy of its big copper heatsink, because it took me some time to find out that the fan wasn't running and the processor still worked!). I went back to AMD's stock cooler, which didn't make things better but didn't make them worse either.
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