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Thank you for posting this tutorial, thank you for the detail, and thank you for making it despite whether or not you find the quicklaunch unnecessary. I personally don't see it as unnecessary because items being pinned to the taskbar are fairly large in comparison to quicklaunch icons, as many others have said, and because unopened items pinned to the taskbar get mixed in between opened items pinned to the taskbar. This to me is extremely annoying because I may not normally have certain programs open, but on an occasion if I get enough programs open that are before a program I may frequent, it moves the unopened icon away from where I'm normally used to it being. It's just extremely less efficient to me when things aren't where I left them, so to say.
I agree with that. I think that changing position of menu, toolbar or desktop items is totally unproductive. When you know where items are, you go and click them without thinking and searching. It becomes a reflex clicking. If the system changes the position of your items you have to search, read text (when you have them) or interpret icons (or, worse, you have to hover your icons and wait to get a description...).
For those reasons, I really like the new Office 2007's ribbons. Even if it requires a time to adapt, when you know where the functions are, you get acces to almost every function in two mouse clicks.

What I don't understand either is why Microsoft wants people to search their menu items and files. I don't why they think that users are so stupid, so unstrcuctured that they can't organize their files in folders and subfolders, and that they can't name their files so taht they can find them. I don't know why users should become dependant on search engines.
That's why I don't like the new taskbar and, worse, the new start menu. They are perhaps good for some people but we should have the choice to get the previous (not old) way of use.

I finish by : Thank you for that tutorial !
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