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Windows 7

For the same functionality one can create a custom toolbar. I simply create a folder under my user name (though the folder could be anywhere really). Keep the name of the folder short, like "GoTo". I add shortcuts to the programs I want quick access to inside that folder. You can also create subfolders, e.g. a subfolder with internet shortcuts to sites you access a lot or a subfolder with VNC links. Organize the structure however you want. Then right click on the taskbar and select Toolbars > New Toolbar. When asked, browse to the folder you created and select it. You'll get a toolbar that displays your folder name to the left of the system tray with a little ">>" next to it. Click on that, and and it displays your folder and all its subfolders.

Its a totally user controlled, simple and easy solution for quick access organized as you want it to be that has been in Windows for years. It even accommodates drag and drop, e.g. drop a Firefox address bar icon onto the ">>", and it will be placed in the GoTo folder. You can also open the toolbar and drag and drop icons into subfolders. Never could understand why people never made much use of this feature :>)
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