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16 Nov 2009  

Windows 7 Pro

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That is absolutely idiotic. I have 40-50 QL items. That WILL NOT FIT on the task bar as pinned items.

This is incredibly annoying. I use pinning for the 3-4 apps that I always run. It's convenient to always have them in the same place. The 2 states of the buttons are confusing, but I'll probably get used to that.

You have provided no substitute for the QL bar. Removing it was just dumb.
IMO the QL bar is for 6 or so items, why not use the start menu for the rest of the programs. If you organize the programs it works pretty well. That is what it was designed to do.
I use the QL for 6 or so most often used programs (daily) everything else is desktop or start menu.
I cant imagine you use 40+ items daily??

To each his own I guess :P
I am a software architect/developer. I use probably 15-20 different icons daily and I have frequent enough use of perhaps 20 more that I want them immediately available. I occasionally run VMs of Linux with yet more tools I need.
Wow, I guess it is convenient for you then! I stand corrected . I am glad that my QL has been staying put and icons stay where I put them as far as I can tell!
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