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18 Nov 2009  

Dual Boot - C: Win 7 & D: XP PRO

Both my Win 7 & XP Pro will be on the same drive just on different
partitions can I stil follow the following steps?

BTW my win 7 is on now and I want to add XP Pro to different partition. ( old recovery section I deleted)

(1) Would this link be the the best way for my to achieve dual boot when I have win7 on first and want to add Xp Pro and be able to dual boot.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP

or should I follow this?


"The Windows 7 install DVD has a "Repair my Computer" console with the same tools as on the Repair Disk, including Startup Repair which will repair or rewrite the boot files for Windows 7.

But since Startup Repair runs many tests, it will assume that a fix it provides will also boot the OS, which isn't always the case if more than one fix is needed. So it needs to be repeated sometimes up to 3 times, which usually means it has finally decided to rewrite the MBR since all other fixes have failed.

However, just running Startup Repair for Windows 7 will not reconfigure a dual boot, so you need to go on to running a repair install from the Win7 desktop (now that you're in) which resintalls the OS (upgrade over itself) and reconfigures the boot."

any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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