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20 Feb 2009  

Windows 7
Better Compatibility Fixes?

Hi All,

I'm curious if there are other ways to get Win7 to be more compatible with certain programs than just running them in "compatability mode"? The problem that I've run into is with some of my more complex programs like Solidworks. The copy I have isn't really compatible with Win7 so that whenever I try to open a file or save one, the program just crashes. I've found a fix for the problem, which involves renaming a DLL, but such a fix is almost always trouble in my experience, with this one being no exception, making the program very unstable and corrupting saved file data. Now, since I use this program almost every day, I've found myself thinking about going back to Vista x64 because it worked there, but I wanted to stop by here just to make sure there isn't a better way to deal with compatibility issues than simply running the "compatibility troubleshooter" that I might not yet know about that could solve my problem.

Any help would be great,
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